Sunday, January 3, 2010

SEO technology and its advantages

SEO technology, a rather new product of the dotcom boom, is a method to boost the traffic to an individual's website. This process is used so as to be presented earlier in the search results of any search engine which would lead to more hits. This is a rather natural process as there is no affected appearance on the search engine page through advertisement but due to optimization the site ranks higher and appears in the search results.

The SEO technology can be targeted at specific searches such as image search, industry search or also regional searches for city or locality based requirements. Spiders are employed by search engines to rank websites on the basis of information and presentation, thus to appear in the search results a high rank is required to increase inflow of traffic.

The most important requirement of SEO technology is the proper and optimized use of keywords which increase hits and results in large amount of traffic to your website. An effective application of keywords could lead to the display of your website on the first page of a website which would result in a larger number of visitors. When SEO technology was in its stage of infancy the cost attached to optimization was a lot but with online help tools and a number of players in the market the cost is much lesser and SEO has become a much affordable option.

With the availability of various software that identify keywords and also optimize your website for greater visibility through search engines the task of optimization is very convenient and rather easy. These software's also help in monitoring results of search engines and finding out why a competitors site would be ranked higher in the search results. SEO technology does not only target sites related to an industry, even if you have a personal blog which you like to gain popularity, SEO technology can be used for the same.

Primarily as a marketing strategy SEO technology foresees what a consumer searches for and how search engines function, combining the two optimization of any website would increase traffic. Though rather unethical, Yahoo functions in a payment basis, where the website owner pays the search engine either for complete visibility or on the number of times visitors visited their website through the companies search engines. An unaccepted and largely immoral SEO technique is called black hat SEO technology where the developer uses techniques such as link farming or keyword stuffing which are considered to unethical and lead to a lifetime ban to the website from the relevant search engine. To discourage black hat SEO technology, Google has developed a method where even the off page aspects of a website are analyzed so the search engine can make a more reasonable option based on a better database.

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