Friday, March 25, 2011

Why is social media so hot in SEO?

Everybody wants to believe that social media impacts your rankings. I mean EVERYBODY. Whenever you go onto a blog and do some reading about social media it won't take long before there is a huge claim about how it will help your rankings. But is this really true?

I have been digging high and low looking for any evidence on the Internet that the social media efforts you do (or your SEO reseller does) will directly impact your organic search engine rankings. I have also been doing my own experiments with Twitter and my own SEO websites. No love.

Even Matt Cutts says that social media will not have a direct impact on your organic rankings. Watch his videos and see how he describes the situation. Sure, you will increase REAL traffic. And sure, some of these people might link to you - helping your SEO rankings. But that's not the direct impact everybody has been claiming. It is just not there folks.