Thursday, October 22, 2009

SEO Resellers Offer Quality Services for Less

It takes more than a website to make your presence known on the Internet. Your business can come in high in search engine rankings and gain optimal exposure to potential customers by engaging the services of an SEO reseller. If you are a small or a fledgling web design or information technology company, becoming an SEO reseller makes a great deal of financial sense for both you and your customers. SEO resellers offer the latest and greatest SEO technology to their customers as their own, along with their other services, at a reasonable cost. Thus, the SEO reseller can earn additional revenue for itself by selling SEO services without the need to purchase its own technology or staff a department to develop the SEO product.

An SEO reseller offers their customers the same quality SEO services as though it were the SEO company itself, and earns a commission from each sale of services. Email and telephone communications can either be set up by the SEO reseller under the name of the original SEO company or under the name of the SEO reseller for continuity of contact, if the parties so choose.Some of the services offered under an SEO reseller structure include website, ranking and keyword analysis, regular results reporting, competitor analysis and directory targeting to attract the optimal number of potential customers to the client site. The SEO reseller can also either offer its own technical support to its customers or set its help desk system up to direct email and telephone questions right to the SEO company.

Many SEO resellers offer packaged services at a fixed rate priced according to the number of anticipated project hours. However, as it typically takes anywhere from three to six months to begin to see results from an SEO enhancement, it makes better financial sense for the SEO reseller and its customers to enter into a customized contractual arrangement, payable on a monthly basis. The SEO company can invoice directly, with a built in margin for the SEO reseller, or the SEO reseller can handle the invoicing itself.

You do not have to be a web design or information technology company to become an SEO reseller. Marketing and business consulting firms, public relations companies and ad agencies can successfully add SEO reselling to their services portfolios, attract new customers and generate additional recurring income for themselves. Everyone benefits from the SEO reseller relationship, the SEO company and SEO reseller by the increase in demand for their services and the customer, who is in line to reap the benefits of increased Internet presence through SEO services.